Recently, I along with some other experts in Container technologies gave an interview to The Enterprise Project where as one of the project leads of Eclipse JKube, I shared my insights on key points to consider while migrating Java workloads to containers.

You can read full article on their website:

Eclipse JKube

In my previous blogpost, I talked about Eclipse JKube Kubernetes Maven Plugin XML configuration and how you can use it to configure Eclipse JKube’s output image/manifests. Today in this blog, we’ll be looking at Eclipse JKube Resource Fragments: a configuration option specific to Kubernetes manifests(JSON/YAML).

What are Resource fragments?

In Eclipse JKube terminology, resource…

Fabric8 Kubernetes Client

I recently saw a question on StackOverflow on how to do Rolling Updates/Rollbacks programmatically in Java using Fabric8 Kubernetes Client:

I saw an answer there which was outdated. I gave a new answer as per the latest API improvements but I thought it would be better to convert this into…

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