How to contribute to Eclipse JKube?

Contributing to Eclipse JKube

Before you get started:

  • Does the project (Eclipse JKube in this case) interests to you? Have you tried it out as an end user? Did you like something about it? Did you dislike something about it and want to improve it?
  • Do you have the matching skill set (experience with Java, Maven, Docker and Kubernetes in this case) which might be useful while contributing? Or are you willing to learn these as you contribute?

Finding an issue to work on:

Filtering existing issues for Good first issues

Setting up development environment:

Setting up Git:

  1. Fork Eclipse JKube repository on Github
$ git clone
# Configure Git User and Email
$ git config "Your Name"
$ git config ""

Setting up IntelliJ:

jkube : $ mvn clean install -DskipTests
Loading Eclipse JKube as Maven Project in IntelliJ

Working on the issue you picked up:

jkube $ git checkout -b pr/issue1234
jkube $ mvn clean install

Committing Changes:

jkube $ git add foo/file/changed.txt
jkube $ git commit --signoff
jkube $ git push origin pr/issue1234

Submitting Pull Request on GitHub:

Creating a pull request pop up
Creating a pull request form

Addressing Review Comments:

jkube $ git checkout pr/issue1234
Switched to branch 'pr/issue1234'
# Make requested changes
jkube $ vi dir/some-file.txt
jkube $ git add dir/some-file.txt
jkube $ git commit --amend
# Force push changes
jkube $ git push origin pr/issue1224 -f





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